Why as "Why?"

Why Ask "Why?"
In my life and in my office, asking “why?” has always been at the root of every problem. It is easy to know “what” is wrong, or “what” we want. Slightly more difficult is the ‘how’ - particularly if your search to get out of a chronic condition has been a long one. However, the “why” is what keeps us focused and searching for answers. It keeps us determined to do more and be more than we ever thought possible. We all need to have skin in the game to stay focused, pursue our goals, and when it comes to our health, it is a never-ending journey. Are you taking on chiropractic care and personal health changes so you can compete at a higher level in your sport? Is it to have the energy to play with your kids? Are you gearing up to check intimidating activities off your bucket list? For me, it has always been the “unattainable” activity of playing on aerial silks Cirque du Soleil style (but more on that next month….)

  In a life marked by achievements accumulated like check marks in a cosmic “to- do” list, it is becoming more and more imperative that we slow down and ask ourselves “why?”. Health is not a place where we arrive with a flourish and a trophy. It is a constant check in on our body, mind and spirit. It won’t ever be crossed off of our lists so long as we are living, so it is better to know what you are working for. The questions we want to ask ourselves in health are “was I successful?”, “am I closer to my goal than I was yesterday?”

  Yes, some days it will feel like there is “always something else” coming down the pipeline. A new activity that you need new levels of energy and flexibility to accomplish. You’re right. The demands on our bodies never stop. Life is meant to be enjoyed through movement and every new activity and aspiration creates a new challenge. Rising to those challenges is what keeps you younger and healthier longer. We do this by turning our “whys” into actions to reach our goals, to stay motivated, and know that each step is just one piece of the journey.

  The two most important questions I ask are: “Why are you here today?” and “How can I serve you to meet that goal?" When we ask these questions of ourselves, we begin to understand what it means to pursue our dreams. When we ask it of others, we see endless possibility all around us.

Always in Service,

Dr. Carly