Holiday Cheer

Holiday Cheer

As we move head long into the holiday season, our social media feeds become abundant with warm messages and advice for self care. I’ve been saving my favorites all month to reflect on when my list of “to-do” far out grows my list of “Tah-Dah.” Sometimes, we all need some friendly advice to shift our perspectives and find center.

“No pain of doing what you love is going to be as painful as doing what you don’t like.” - Dr. Perry Nicholson, DC @Stopchasingpain

They are the reminders to slow down and take in the lights and the joy of the holidays, regardless of what you celebrate. Though not usually a band-wagoner, I couldn’t agree more. Times of busy and well-meaning obligation are really a test of the good habits and intention we have been (hopefully) practicing all year long.

“Too Busy is not a real thing.” @TheSkimm

We will always find a way to make what matters to us find a place in our lives no matter what our calendar looks like. So, what are you putting first this December? If there is a tradition or a need for quiet that matters to you, beat that drum slowly and relentlessly. You will find the space when you call it a priority.

“Life is too Short for Fake Butter or Fake People.” Julia Child @food_relations

Since many weekends between now and New Year’s Day will likely be spent in the company of others, I hope you will be spending that time with people who fill you up. We are the reflection of our communities. May they fill you with joy and push you along the path to your best self. Also, eat the food the fuels you.

“Eating well is not about perfection. Always do the best you can under the circumstances, rather than aim for perfection.” Dr. Mark Hyman, MD @drmarkhyman

Speaking of food. Let’s let go of the shame that comes in spades this time of year. Yes, there will be drinking, baked goods and all manner of edible sins “not on the plan.” Be gentle, you are human, and you are doing your best.

“I feel that there is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.” Vincent Van Gogh @yogainspiration

May we all embrace the end of 2018 with artistic beauty. Without a doubt, there is enough love for everyone- including ourselves.

“Be you. Be all in. Fall, Rise, and try again.” Brene Brown @brenebrown

Because, truly, there is no one more lovely than you.

Wishing you warm and Happy Holidays,

Dr. Carly