It’s hard to believe that the heydays of summer are already winding down. It caught me off guard when just a few weeks ago, the teachers in my life started talking about getting ready to go back to school.

Even if you are not in a phase of life that cycles around the back to school hustle, there is a distinct shift that starts to change our habits and priorities round about this time of year. Sometimes it feels like all of this fun comes to a screeching halt and we are left scrambling trying to find center as the seasons turn again. Perhaps that’s why so many people see the fall as a dull ending to hazy lazy days of summer.

In stark contrast to back to school routines and tight schedules; summer is a time of year when we give ourselves permission to let go and dive into sun, socializing, and all the treats that come with it. Of course, neither is inherently good or bad. The natural world flows through a cycle of routines and priorities. If we pause a moment to observe ourselves, we can see that our instincts follow a similar pattern.

This summer, I have enjoyed the ease of dining out - particularly if there’s a shady patio available. I’ve prioritized early mornings and summer sunrises.

I’ve found change in absolutely every corner of my life, and focused on flowing with it. (Have you seen our new office yet? We’re loving the new space!)

But now, I am ready to shift my priorities again:

  • Less upheaval, more grounding.

  • Quality time with the people dear to me.

  • Satisfying dinners at home.

  • Sleep in when I can.

For me, the lesson of summer is that we don’t need to find the path that will work forever, or even for a year. We are meant to find seasons in our life and move within them. What do we miss by staying rigid in our patterns? And what do we give up when we don’t return to center after a season of chaotic fun or frustration?

Homeostasis for all aspects of ourselves lies somewhere between the two. Fall is the season of grounding, turning inward and preparing for the quiet of winter. And, whether you are thrilled or disappointed- it’s right around the corner.

As the world around you continues to move, where will you focus your priorities?

Always in Service,

Dr. Carly