Self Reflection

Self Reflection

Lately, it feels like time is moving at the breakneck pace of stampeding horses. It would be easy to let my feet be swept out from under me and get carried along with the excitement of it all.

However, isn’t this the way we end up places we were never meant to be? Perhaps the first movements are exhilarating and freeing (and we all certainly need adventure in our lives); but have you ever been carried along so far and so long that you don’t quite recognize yourself any more?

As we grow, we often take time to create new goals and aspirations. When our goals mature, we are given the opportunity to look back on our last intention and evaluate what we accomplished and where we fell short. Self reflection is a powerful tool to keep us on the path to our best selves.

When we take the time to question the integrity of our choices and make new goals for things to come, we are constantly moving the needle of our lives to be in alignment with ourselves. This can become an opportunity to look our attachments and aversions and how we see ourselves and our place in our communities.

What are you doing to care for yourself and your body? We cannot pour from an empty cup and offer what we are unable to give ourselves.

What relationships are supporting you? It is often said that we are the sum of the 5 people with whom we spend the majority of our time. When you look at your community, do you feel they represent your best self?

How do you face inconveniences? Each day brings challenges and unplanned detours. Do they derail your day, or can you smile and laugh in the face of them?

What is your relationship with the devices in your life? Technology is neither inherently good or bad. Like all tools, it can serve a function of creating ease or fostering dependency. What would it be like to set them aside for a day or two?

These are questions have been asking myself. Not all of the answers are comfortable, but that discomfort is what offers me a chance to change. Perhaps now is the time for us each find a place in our lives that offers a sense of gritty discomfort and the growth edge of opportunity.

Always in Service,
Dr. Carly